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Who is Officeline

Welcome to OfficeLine - MethodsLine Industrial Engineering. Home of the VRex Software suite, a lean software tool based on Time and motion Study to obtain labor productivity improvements.

Our core competence is the development of lean software engineering tools to set standard times or norm times to do work measurement with time study or work study and line balancing in labor intensive companies. A correct determination of norm times for predefined tasks is vital knowledge in lean thinking or lean production.

Our Vrex time study Software suite is an universal lean process engineering tool which will tell you how to do Time Study based on  Stopwatch or Predetermined time and Motion System "PMTS" like:  "MTM-1, MTM-SD, MTM-UAS, SAM, VWF, en LCW".

Our mission is to set standard times faster, easier and with more additional information "DFA & DFM opportunities" than you ever did before. Our methodology "the seven mudas of productivity" is a labor productivity benchmark system or a classification of all kind of waste which is present in labour.

With the Vrexsuite you don't need training in pace performance rating or a tempotrainer because we have tuneable tempo calibrated movies.   We have solutions for the experienced and the non experienced Industrial Engineer.

Vrex allows you to enter SMED “Single Minute Exchange of Die” information while analysing work with time study. Pareto charts are automatically calculated to minimise setup reduction times and maximize machinetimes.

A new time study method based on the appreciation of "Design for assembly and manufacturing", allows you to calculate the Raw Process Time (RPT) of assembly parts.   From now on you can predict production times for future assemblies you want to assemble.

tijdstudie timestudy