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Time and motion study

Vrex Explorer= Predetermined Time and Motion Time study PMTS Predetermined Time and Motion Study

Vrex Explorer is a professional software engineering tool to determine, benchmark and optimize standard times by use of stopwatch and Predetermined Time and Motion Study systems.

Vrex Explorer allows you to analyze your work faster and easier no matter which Time Study system you are using.

Most popular common used predetermined Time and Motion Study systems based on Mtm and Workfactor are incorporated in the professional version.   Vrex is conceived in such a way that future and other Time Study systems can be incorporated.

A light version is available based on Clock Study with pre calibrated tempo movies. With film material from  several cycles of workstation you can make several Clock Measurements based on tempo evaluation. Afterwards you can measure the different variants of the workstation and visualize the workload. The light version is a fast and straight forward tool to measure the productivity and workload of long and short cyclic work.


Video analysesVrex Explorer :   Video analyses

To speed up valuable engineering time the process engineer can analyse a workstation from a film rather than being physically on the workplace. 

Advanced functions are available to control  the film and play scenes connected to defined worksequences in the database.  You can play filmfragments in slow motion or frame by frame.  This will make Time Study a pleasure to performe. 

A Video analyse clears out which methode of working is most comfortable to the worker.   All involved people will benefit  from filming on the shopfloor  to achieve the best adapted workstations for the worker and maximum productivity.


Shopfloor measurement mith PMTS

Uniform Time Study results  

Commonality between different time study systems is achieved by use of an object oriented tree and object oriented results.    

A new methodology called “The 7 mudas of productivity“ is used to classify labour into its various components or to obtain independent Time Study results. All possible losses caused by design or labour are reported in a universal way regarding the timestudy system you are using.  We have paid special attention to make output results in Vrex Explorer always the same regardless which timestudy system the analyst is using.

Vrex generates unique printout results which are understandable by anyone.  Complex Time Study data is presented in common language and graphical visualization.  Productivity Losses and improvements are directly discussable

Vrex Explorer is today already more than 15 Years on the market and is a result of continuous improvement programming.


Fault free time study

Vrex guarantees you that your analyses are always fault free. When analyzing a particular scene you will see a second film running on the left. The pace or tempo of this film is variable in function of your timestudy. When your Time Study quotation is done and correct, both films should run at the same pace and the operator pace  is displayed. Vrex uses the same technology of Tempotimer to loop back the defined scene with the analyse you have made for it.

The engineer will feel comfortable with the fact that his Time Study is always reliable.   This technology is available for all Time Study systems supported by VREX.

Vrex allows you to make your Time Study on actual chrono times in conjuction with tempo calibrated movies.  So when you lack the skill of Predetermined Time Study it still is possible to set a correct Standard Time.

SMED resultsSMED Time study        

The method Smed or Single minute exchange or Die is used to reduce the changeover time of a production process.  While analyzing a changeover with time study you can define which scenes or work elements  are connected to exchange, prepare, setting, readjusting of disturbance.  The first SMED fase is therefore aby-product of your time study.  

Pareto chart are extraxted from your timestudy with the according SMED data.

By optimising the work method with the system the seven mudas of productivity you will reduce the changeover time to a minimum in fase 2 & 3.   Vrex cumulates the improvements in Smed fase steps 1, 2 & 3.

The Seven mudas of productivity - Measuring and benchmaring productivity  

Quantify  productivity with a productivityscale or  mudameterValue stream mapping toegevoegde waardeVrex Explorer uses a new technology to measure, benchmark and optimize labour losses.   Contemporary systems like value stream mapping are limited to qualify waste rather than quantify waste.  Explorer measure waste in a mathematical perspective.   Theoretically you could compare a car automotive production with a textile industry.

The seven mudas of productivity is developed to point out in a blink of an eye the actual situation on the workfloor.  Every loss that influences the labour time is classified in one of the Seven mudas.  Some are expressed in percent other in time by part mounted. 

A essential pillar is that the added value has a fixed definition.  Everything above the added value is benchmarked in the mudas of the work method.   Losses are form now on judged by an exact number or difficulty degree.  To make things simply we point out with a smiley which losses are easy, difficult or extrem difficult to handle.

Object oriented time study based on MTM-1

If you are looking for a new modern time study system you can use our object oriented predetermined time study called “LCW” which is faster, easier and cheaper to use than any other Mtm or Workfactor based time study system.  LCW is a statistical calculation of MTM-1 and has only 5 predefined  codes.   Thanks to it concept simplicity motivated student can learn by self study.  The trick is to quantify the time to take, place and manipulate the object by using the same 5 codes "1/8V - (frequency action), 1/4V  (No problem action), 1/2V - (1 problem action), Step,  bend". The accurancy is tequal  to  the other dervided  time study systems from MTM-1 or 3%.

Raw process time

A brand new technology is used to predict assembly times for products in a design fase. Starting from a drawing or a part list "BOM",  Raw process time   is within handreach with a simply straight forward calculation.

Target times for batch series

Vrex can combine partial timestudy analyses to simulate or calculate an other product.   Work sequences can be part of different products you will assemble or manufacture.  This allows you to minimise filming and analysing.  This technique is necessary for series produced in batch.   When different articels are produces on the same machines in different setups it is necessary to calculate the time and the productivity based on measurements of basic handlings which are occuring in every production method.

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