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VVrex Tempotimer logo= Measure standardtimes with  tempo calibrated Films

Tempo evaluation

Like a metronome sets the pace for music, TempoTimer sets or measures the pace of human work.

The analyst can determine the work pace of an operator with minimal knowledge or experience about tempo evaluation.  TempoTimer makes a highly discussable item like work performance easy and acceptable to workers, Union and management.

We provide you with the European tempo scale based on 4,5 km/h walking or Bedaux 60 and which is equivalent to normal pace 100 or normal tempo 100 as in the BSI and the Berenschot scale,  indicated in the walking men above.  It is of course possible to use the American Barnes scale based on 3 miles per hour walking.   The user can switch from one tempo scale to another during his activity.

You can use TempoTimer with  most common used tempo scales.  The tempoTuner function plays any tempo or pace between 15 and 100 Bedaux directly on command .  TempoTimer uses one type of reference work and one animated film to evaluate work-pace.   But it is possible to standardise the software on your request with examples of your shop floor after calibratingn these films. 

TempoTimer software operates in 4 different modes to adapt itself to your requests.
These 4 mode are :  “Reference-Video compare-, training- and measurement mode”. 

Referentie Mode = Determine and visualize tempo
Reference Mode

Every company wants to simulate the desired work pace on the shopfloor as agreed by unions and management. TempoTimer simulates any work pace on the fly performed by a handworker and by walking men by means of a animated film "4,5km per hour".  With the tempotuner function you are no longer vulnerable to the loss of knowledge when engineers retire or leave the company. TempoTimer defines or sets your standard for the years to come.  The reference mode can be expanded with a film of a workstation to compare the pace of the worker with your standard tempo.

Film mode = Determine the pace of a operator in een film fragment
Film Mode

The video compare mode can make a pace evaluation of a film by playing two films next to another.   The analyst will adjust the pace of the reference film to the pace of the worker to measure the pace of the film.
Because films mostly contains unnecessary information like idle times the video compare mode will allow you to cut out fragments from the film so only the important parts are analysed. Thanks to this approach you can agree on work performances with different people.

Tempotrainer = Training in tempo evaluation
Tempotrainer  Mode

Unexperienced process engineers can train themselves on tempo evaluation.   TempoTimer will present a random number of different performances to the user.   The student judges the pace to find out how accurate he is.  Exercises are always different to make it the engineer impossible to fake the system by prelearning the course.   The engineer continues this process until a stable evaluation spread is obtained in the Tempogram.  The student obtains a printout of the training result and finds out how severe or mild and accurate his tempo observation is. 

Meet mode = Determine the normtime by use of a nomal deviation of a workstation or operator by use stopwatch and  tempo evaluation
Measurement Mode

Besides training and setting standards, you can make measurements on the shop floor with TempoTimer.  The analyst takes his portable to the workstation and selects the tempo's in TempoTimer while the cycle runs which matches best the worker.  A stopwatch is started and stopped during the cycle of the operator and afterwards the correct norm time is calculated.  Because clock measurements must be made on a statistical basis the accurancy of the measurements are calculated with a nominal deviation.  The measurement and accurancy results of the analyst are reported on screen and paper.


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